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Would you like to be a male model?

Are you looking forward to it as a male model? You May Get Happy! It might be a good time for the evolution of the industry.

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Distinctive Models is not an Agency.

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Distinctive Models is not an Agency.

Do you love to be a male model?

Are you looking forward to it as a male model?

You May Get Happy!

It might be a good time for the evolution of the industry.

Learn how male models have an impact on the world of modeling. Do you have what it takes?

The industry is changing

Male models industry has increased over the last 10 years, as many people are becoming more aware of body image and the benefits it can bring. If you have a look, style and determination could be the next great male role model.

What it takes to become a male model

Perform basic skills very useful to have, you can have the appearance of the model, but if you do not walk, move and, of course, placed in front of the camera, you will not succeed in this area.

It takes a lot of self-confidence and be able to trust other professionals such as designers and photographers.Even the male models are expected to wear make-up for Big Brother Africa, this course is to give a better camera. In order to be open will make you much more attractive to a prospective client or organization.

Basing its decision

Before you begin to approach agencies male models, it is necessary to determine what you have to offer and what the modeling style that will try to enter.
Many toned physique is a bonus. Unlike the female models, male models can be muscular and have a certain physical, but if you have some fitness modeling too may be more appropriate.

If you do not like advertising underwear, and then later decide that you do not accept jobs like this. Understand your limits and respect can cost you the job, but also help you define your niche and, ultimately, will help in the effort to become a male model.

What niche is for you?

There are several different styles of modeling for male models as a catalog, sports advertising, health and fitness through high fashion, if you have a slim body type. There are people modeling capabilities that meet niche markets, such as people over forty, big and tall men, and people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

For the older generation

Men have always had a long career of hope than their female counterparts. In advertising, the classic male models are used suggest luxury and refinement.

Do you have a muscular physique? Keep reading

Organizations are not set guidelines on what they look for in male fitness model, however, require their models to be very tight and strong muscle definition.

Agencies also require their models definition looks healthy and muscles so they look realistic.

There are online, print, magazines and advertising opportunities in this area and that is expected to announce a healthy lifestyle, products or services related to fitness, for example.

The competitive world of high fashion

Couture agencies have very specific requirements for all models (however, may vary slightly between organizations).

The signing of the people, agencies normally expect that the model is at least 6 feet 1 for the podium, but some agencies are somewhat less for business or high-level models print edition.

The emergence of high-fashion male model body lean, structured jaw, perfect complexion and a very striking appearance. It is very hard to break, even if you fit the category mold. You will also find that the agencies are looking for a year may be very different from the other, which is a fashion season can fall to the next mode.

For more information about the foray into high fashion modeling, you can log online and talk to one of our new advisors faces.

Have you thought of the commercial model?

The business model is hired by companies to advertise products or services. The model was chosen because the company believes that its appearance and personality better represents the market are targeting.

Models, agencies rarely have strict requirements for male models signature for each product, and therefore the advertising is different. However, it is expected to play a role more fashion models and business models often ask or be photographed using the product.

This means that action can come to play, if it is asked to pose with the last male grooming products or designer watch, for example. The opportunities for business models also increased in the last few years there will be a lot more affordable for businesses to advertise, because many online advertising in motion.

For more information on how to become a business model, register online and talk to one of our advisors new faces.

How about modeling catalogs?

Demand for trade models has grown considerably over the last decade with the rise of street brands, designer brands and small independent retailers who now sell their products online and in store. Sourcing model will be jointly website catalog / print using the clothes in the collection. This allows visitors or search the catalog to get a better idea of ​​how the clothes will look like when it is used. It was a typical appearance and size to request the agency by signing a male model catalog, but today are more interested in personality and individual style. There are also opportunities in the largest construction / masculine. If you think you have the potential to be a male model catalog and want more information, and then save and I can discuss it with one of our consultants of new faces.

What is the right model?

Current models are in high demand from the Internet explodes with brands and unique clothing range to suit all styles of taste in search of the perfect model for display.

Fashion brands at every level are becoming more creative and look for models that reflect your brand to show on the runway at the small independent companies online.

This means that the actual modeling agencies come in their free casting calls and online are a great source of modeling opportunities for those who might consider in the past.

To find out if you have the look or style to it as a model / single register today and Distinctive models and contact with additional questions.

Do you want to become a male model?

If you think you have the physical appearance and make it as a fitness model, you register with us to talk more.

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