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Would you like to be a female model?

Are you clued up on the requirements, specifications and demands of the industry?Look no further, our guide to female modelling is just what you need

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Distinctive Models is not an Agency.

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Distinctive Models is not an Agency.

Female modelling

Is female modelling your dream career?

Are you clear about the requirements, specifications and requirements of the industry?

Look no further, our female modeling guide is just what you need.

Is modelling for you?

Is it getting harder than it appears? The first thing to do is find out if you have what it takes to be a model, and then begin to approach the agency with evidence to show that it has appropriate authority.
Having a portfolio is the best approach for modeling agency because there is no better way to show potential. There is no easy way to become a model, because very few candidates meet the expectations of potential resources for modeling, but there are many tips and tested and proven that Distinctive models can help can help with.
To become a female model is not just about having the right look and feel, there are many requirements attach to it, if you want to succeed in this industry.

Do you have a professional portfolio?

First impressions mean everything, but if you have not gone to the effort of work with designer and photographer to create a list, then you have not yet discovered whether modeling is for you. Your portfolio should stand out from the rest with quality and everything you want to show, the diversity of models and you have to have a look and a different and individual style.
Note that attempts to model without portfolio is like trying to find a job without a resume. It is to be proactive as a model and show potential organizations that you have the will and determination to succeed. If you do not already have a list then it may be something that we can help you create and build, if you believe that you show model potential.

Great personality goes a long way!

You must have a great personality, be able to work with a large number of professionals, such as hairdressers and photographers, and also be very strong, because there will always be a certain amount of rejection.
You have to have motivation, determination, maturity and patience for you to be careful.
The world of modeling can be very chaotic, and you should be able to stay in the country, and that has to do with the support of a good manager, and the family as most in demand are the model, the more you travel and spending time away from home.

Commercial: The lowdown

The commercial model is used to advertise a product or service, for example, a brand of toothpaste or a food product. Rarely agencies have specific requirements for business models in terms of height or frame and often seek to model more accessible than high fashion models look.

Commercial market may not be as glamorous as high fashion, but often results in models with a longer and more effective career.

Business models will be chosen to be the face of a product, as they reflect the customer’s client / brand / ideal job, or who believe their customers can relate to and encourage the purchase of the products.

For more information on what it takes to be a commercial model, please register online and one of our consultants will contact you to answer your questions.


There has never been a more exciting time than becoming a catalogue model. There are thousands of clothing companies that use catalogues to sell their offer and that number has increased dramatically over the years with online shopping and all sizes of companies to be able to set up shop in line.
Models and collections can be modified and re-design online for much less than they would if they had to reprint all which means that when the new products come in they will no doubt look for models to advertising their website look.

As a commercial modeling agency, to find a model that reflects the personality of the brand and target market customers.

Catalogue Model unlike model is more likely to work in progress as a company will often use for the whole season and take lots of pictures often for days or weeks.

For more information on how to become a catalogue model and how we can support, simply register online and talk to one of our advisors new faces.

Do you want to become a female model?

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